My countertop is cracked or damaged. Now what?
Most Corian® and solid surface countertops never have a serious problem. However, one of the greatest advantages of solid surface materials is that when they do become damaged, instead of being completely replaced, the solid surface countertop can be repaired which is much more cost effective to the homeowner.

 Do solid surface manufacturers
offer warrantie
Most solid surface manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty. As the homeowner, you can contact the manufacturer of your solid surface material for complete details. Surface Surgeon can help you with contacting the manufacturer for filing your warranty claim. You may need to submit your claim in writing with proof of purchase. You can request our services for a warranty claim.

Will I notice the countertop repair?
There will be a dramatic improvement to the appearance of your solid surface countertop. We use only the very best tools, materials and techniques in the industry. Most of the time, the countertop repair will be inconspicuous or nearly close to invisible. See Gallery.

How long does it take for Surface Surgeon to complete a countertop repair?
Every countertop repair is different and Surface Surgeon can provide you an approximate time of repair once we have the full details of your problem. On average, most countertop repairs take at least four hours and some require a full day. If your repair is complex, a Surface Surgeon countertop repair specialist may work evening hours. If possible, please schedule your solid surface repair appointment for a day when the work can be completed without a deadline.

I have a chip in my quartz countertop!
A quartz countertop is sleek, durable and timeless. While it is for the most part, scratch, heat and stain resistant, there are times that you may find a chip. Chips can be repaired with positive results but you may be able to see the repair from a certain angle. Most quartz countertop problems are easily solved, but it is suggested to have a professional repair. Check to see if you are covered by a warranty to fix the issue as soon as possible to minimize further damage. Call Surface Surgeon for an appointment!

Will there be a lot of dust or mess in my kitchen?
Repairing a solid surface countertop does create dust. At Surface Surgeon, we do our best to regulate and collect the dust while we work. Although we use power tools, we collect dust by a HEPA vacuum. Depending on the actual countertop repairs, some create more dust than others. We appreciate your concerns and encourage you to discuss any of your worries with us. Our promise to you is to clean up your kitchen to your satisfaction when we are through with the countertop repair work.

What is a “color match” and is it important?
A color match refers to a left over piece of solid surface material from the original installation. Often, the original installers leave a scrap material in the sink, cabinet or garage. This color match can be used to patch a large crack in a countertop. In the case where a color match has not been left behind, Surface Surgeon may use a side splash to obtain color match to repair a countertop where the slight color variation will be much less visible. If we must do a countertop repair using material from another production batch, there is a possibility that the repair will be slightly visible.

How can I schedule a counter repair appointment?
You may schedule a solid surface repair appointment with Surface Surgeon by calling 772-675-3090 directly or completing the form on the Contact  page. Normally, Surface Surgeon will schedule an approximate countertop repair time, and our specific time of arrival will depend on local traffic conditions.

How can I get a countertop or sink repair quote?
When providing a quote on your specific countertop or sink repair, the accuracy of our estimate depends on the completeness and detail of the information you provide Surface Surgeon. If it is possible for you to email us digital photos of the countertop needing repair, it gives us the opportunity to offer you a more accurate estimate. Additional helpful information includes: the brand name of your solid surface material, the color or name of the pattern, original installation date, any previous repair history as well as a comprehensive description of how the issue occurred.

Do I prepare for a countertop repair appointment?
Remove all items off of the countertops and shelves within 10 feet of the damage. Surface Surgeon will be sanding and buffing your countertops around the repaired area. Please completely empty out the cabinets beneath the damaged area, and from any adjoining cabinets within 5 feet of the damage. Surface Surgeon also suggests emptying your dishwasher if it is located within 5 feet of the damage. These steps will speed our work and help with dust control as well as cleanup after the repair work is completed.


Do I need to be present during the repair?
It is not necessary for the homeowner to be present while countertop repair is being completed, however, Surface Surgeon does prefer to meet you upon arrival for your countertop repair appointment, and require that you be present when the solid surface has been completed.